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The phone company acts after mail is addressed to "Mr Isis Terroriste" and "Mr Getout Ofengland".

Peter Pugh, 75, was found up to his armpits in marshland nearly a day after going missing.

The company breached consumer law by refusing to fix devices once serviced by third parties.

The World Health Organization lists gaming addiction as a mental health condition for the first time.

Urban spaces are congested and polluted, so do we all need to get on our bikes?

The security firm halted the work after questions were asked in the European Parliament about its software.

The narrative director of Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Mel MacCoubrey, explains how the new game's interactive features give people choice over how they play.

Makers of the PlayStation blockbuster explain why they wanted a more mature Peter Parker.

The retailer says it has begun investigating unauthorised access of data held by the company.

Sir Elton John says social media giants should be boycotted if they do not tackle homophobic hate speech.